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Some of my clients

Check out a few of the many people we have worked with. All joined for their own reasons but one thing they had in common was they wanted solutions to their exercise, lifestyle and/or dietary problems. Everyone of the below has either lost weight, improved their lifestyle, become fitter and/or improved performance. 

Primarily we specialise with those clients who have struggled to lose weight. We show you exactly how you can do it within the context of your own lifestyle. However, we do offer services for other specialities including fitness development, FitCamp & Sports Consultancy. Check out the services page to find what works for you. 

I lost 3 inches off my waist.
I got fitter, lost weight and had fun.
My fitness improved loads! The plan was great and I would recommend Mark to anyone.
I achieved improved levels of fitness. The training was well tailored to meet the fitness levels of the participants and at the end of each session I had worked lots of different muscle groups as well as keeping my heart rate up.
I achieved a sense of self satisfaction and raised my confidence levels. I have learnt what exercises are good for fat burning and raised my fitness levels.
I can feel improvements in my overall fitness level and can see improvements in my muscle tone. Training outside made me happiest, I loved it! Mark has been encouraging in a friendly supportive way and I feel this will help me to maintain and improve my fitness level.
Mark has great knowledge and came up with so many different circuits and training techniques which made the sessions fun whilst working me hard and pushing me to things I did not think I was capable off.
I love working with Mark. He is always giving me dietary tips and our sessions together were really effective.
Working with Mark I was able to improve my core definition.
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I lost 3 inches off my waist.

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