A week in Fitness 10.04.2019

February 10, 2019

I''m going try to start doing a more informal update on the blog combining what I've been up to with hard nutritional and fitness science. 


This keeps it easier to write more frequently and it's something I just like to do. 


What a week it's been. There was a buzz around the office because we were preparing for our free diabetes screening programme at Southampton Football Club before the Saints Cardiff game. This was the first of its kind nationwide and received a lot of media attention. We met some fantastic people and luckily my table didn't actually pick up any active diabetes. 


Yours truly even made the news. 



There were some however who were not so lucky. We managed to detect undiagnosed diabetes in a number of patients. Such people without such an initiative may not have had it picked up for many more years. 


I always try to stress when it comes to your health, ignorance certainly is not bliss. The longer conditions remain undiagnosed the more damage they can inflict. Diabetes can effect all organs of the body including the eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart, brain, blood vessels and liver. Therefore, if you're over 40 and not receiving a regular health MOT, I would suggest getting down to the GP and booking yourself in. 


It was a great day though except for the result. 






I made a triumphant return to swimming over the last couple of weeks. Therefore, I was disappointed when our session was cancelled today on Sunday. Swimming is such a good workout and one I can actually manage at the moment. 


I'm recovering from hip surgery from last May and so there's a number of exercises I can't do in and out of the gym. I'm still undecided whether the problem is actually in the hip or the back as this is where I get the majority of my pain and discomfort. 


I visited one of the surgeons at the University College Hospital of London on Monday for a follow up appointment. The hip has been causing me some pain and I explained my back worries to the registrar. 


They have offered an MRI of both my back and hip and hopefully we can get to the route of my problem once and for all. 


This has given me a new appreciation for training though. Before, I'd routinely achieve 5-6 days per week of actual training without little attention paid to recovery, stretching and injury prevention. I think this probably hasn't helped my current predicament but i also think there is an element of unluckiness to it. 


As a result, I've really had to dial back the training. My main focus has been on my rehab exercises and yoga with everyone else working around this. Let me tell you. Yoga ain't easy. Much evidence exists to show yoga can improve cardiovascular health and actually delay the onset of disease in the elderly. 


This is a low impact exercise that is suitable for most ages and abilities. Yoga could be a nice way to begin to integrate exercise into your life and there are plenty of apps and online videos to follow. One of my friends recommended yoga with Adriene on Youtube so if you're stuck for ideas, maybe check her out. 




I've also been focusing more on circuit based training. Being so busy with work at the moment and unable to do my usual leg and cardio sessions, this has been a great way to combine cardio and resistance. 


Cardio and resistance exercise are both part of the national physical activity recommendations. This is a good way of increasing your heart rate whilst working the muscles. 


I looked into the benefit of high intensity interval training (HIIT) during my dissertation at Brighton University when the concept was still novel. Since then then benefits are well documented.


In fact, HIIT as a training tool, appears comparable to prolonged endurance training when studying aerobic fitness. In other words, the same benefits in much less time. This doesn't replace a good endurance training regimen if you are looking to train for an endurance event specifically. However, if you're just doing it for the fitness and are time pressed, ditch the low-medium intensity and go high intensity intervals every time. 


So that's my week in nutrition and fitness. I'll try to be routine with these blogs but sometimes the work just stacks up! 


See you later. 





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