Did you know type 2 diabetes can be greatly improved by changing your lifestyle? In fact this is the best treatment. 


Yet over 12 million people in the UK are at risk of developing or already have type 2 diabetes. 


Clearly just changing your lifestyle isn't as easy as it sounds right? 


The Type 2 diabetes recovery programme helps you address this. There are a number of very good reasons why people can't make lifestyle changes. From experience, these reasons generally can be classed into psychological, physiological, social or behavioural or a combination of these. 


Depending on which category you fall into, the type 2 diabetes recovery programme addresses these reasons rather than just focusing on food. Therefore, the programme talks less about healthy heating, though important, and instead focuses on practical methods to help you change. 


Once categorised, I can tailor my approach to what best suits you. Whether this is getting under your hood to see what makes you tick or addressing very real hormone resistance. 


One common problem with lifestyle change strategies is they assign you to their system only. As a diettian I take a look at all the different methods of losing weight and discuss the best strategy for you. 


The process starts by getting in touch and enquring about the programme. We then start our process by sending you our questionnaire followed by an initial apppointment and the process begins.


Each step of the way is mapped out for you. We'll get you from A to B to C. With years of experience working in diabetes and related diseases we know how to improve your glucose control and get your health back on track.   


Get in touch now to apply for the programme. 



Type 2 Diabetes Recovery Programme


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