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FitClub + Nutrition£60/month 

If you want to improve fitness, get all the benefits of personal training without the attached costs, tone up, lose weight and be healthier through exercise, then FitClub is the option for you. We help you go that extra step which is often the difference between no or slow progress and results!

You get: 

> Access to all our training workouts with Mark providing expert instruction.

>Quicker results as you benefit much in the same way you would with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

>Train 10 Dimensions of fitness rather than the typical 2-3 you will typically train in the gym, which means better overall fitness.

>Access to home video workouts for those wanting to train at home or not able to make class. 

We train 9 times per week at various locations (see the timetable below) and offer a variety of different workouts targeting real life fitness 

If you have difficulty losing weight, changing your eating habits or just want to eat healthier, we solve that problem. You can benefit from having an accredited dietitian work personally on your diet to ensure you get the quickest results possible plus benefiting from all our weekly FitClub classes.

You get: 

> Access to all our training workouts and all the benefits of our training only plan.

> Receive our Diet Plan with recipes

> Have a dietitian look over your food diary and make practical suggestions.

>Access to our online dietary seminar course designed to teach you everything you need to know about diet.  


This means you get to reach your goals faster, benefit from all our weekly classes and improve your diet all at the same time. 

FitClub £40/month
Referral Fee for Every Referred Customer Who Joins. 
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Lifetime Transformation Programme £200 or £99 Online Only

Our premium package. This is designed to give your body a complete makeover putting you into great shape, improving your diet, teaching you everything you need to know about how to keep the changes sustainable and much more. With both in person and online options, choose which ever one suits you. 

You get: 

> Access to all the weekly FitClub training sessions for 2 MONTHS. 

>Access to our premium online home workout classes which you can do at home. If you can't make a session, you don't have to miss out. 

> If gyms your thing, we'll also give you a gym programme to match your goal. 

> A dietary plan with recipes and education about how you can eat well forever. 

> Access to our online dietary course consisting of 9 seminars detailing everything from carbohydrates, eating for fat loss, the psychology of eating and much more! 

>New workouts uploaded for you only. 

>1:1 Dietary Consultation with Mark. 

> Monthly reports about your progress and practical tips to keep improving. 

> Personalised support from your trainer. 

> A maintenance programme at a discount from our regular services. 

Don't miss out so make sure you join to avoid disappointment. 

PAYGO Classes £5 indoors £4.50 outdoors

Pay as you go is for those who may not want the commitment of membership but still benefit from great workouts when it suits them. Your first session is  free so come along for a trial. 

You get:

>To train with our club members. Benefit from great workouts but still have the flexibility to train when you can. 


Starting 21st November


06:30-07:30am Fat Melter @ Chamberlayne Leisure Centre, SO19 9SJ (outdoor)

*10:00-11:00am Cardio, Stretch & Tone @ Southampton Common, SO15 7NN (outdoor) - Please bring own mat

6:30:-7:30pm Fat Melter @ Southampton Common,SO15 7NN (outdoor)


8:00-9:00pm Power & Tone @ Chamberlayne Leisure Centre, SO19 9SJ (indoor)


06:30-07:30am Fat Melter @ Southampton Common (Cowherds), SO15 7NN (outdoor)

*10:00 - 11:00am Core, Power & Stretch @ Southampton Common SO15 7NN (outdoor)

7:00-8:00pm SAQ Conditioning and Power & Tone @ Chamberlayne Leisure Centre, SO19 9SJ (indoor)


09:00-10:00am @Southampton Common, SO15 7NN(Cowherds) FREE FitCamp (outdoor)

*10:00-11:00am Core, Fitness & Stretch @ Southampton Common SO15 7NN (outdoor) Please bring own mat

*= runs according to demand. Please let us know you wish to attend. 

FREE FitCamp session open to all every Saturday (see time table). 

4 Meadowmead Avenue, Southampton, SO15 4LX,

Tel: 07771558579

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