November 19, 2018

My blog ideas seem to start with some form of education session during the day job. Particularly in type 2 education. We get quite a mixture of patients from the rather ambivalent to highly engaged. Some are so engaged they look into various diets to help them manage their condition. Sometimes with tremendous success.

One of the more popular diets I encounter is the intermittent fasting diet. This is likely common because it gets so much media attention. Michael Mosley in particular has made such diets extremely popular and specifically positions them for type 2 diabetes management. 

A very quick google is abundant with websites on intermittent fasting and it’s benefits. But does it actually work? 

Today I am going to look at the evidence behind intermittent fasting and whether it’s a diet you should be following. 

What is intermittent fasting? 

There is no true system of intermittent fasting. The principles is based on two systems. Either reducing the amount of calories you eat on some day...

November 3, 2018

The effect of saturated fat on CVD outcomes. The debate put to bed


What’s the truth about dietary saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease risk (CVD) risk? This is a topic we cover during my frequent diabetes education sessions. This is because diabetes significantly increases your risk of developing cardiovascular complications. 

Usually I go through the spill of reducing saturated fat and increasing the ‘good unsaturated fatty acids to improve heart health. However, something has never sat right with me. This is because there has been conflicting messages in the media and amongst my fellow healthcare professionals about the role of diet and CVD risk. 

Therefore, I found myself presenting on topics in good faith. Good faith the talks I have inherited from my healthcare services are up to date and reflect the best evidence. The problem is I hadn’t looked this up for myself. So when questions arise in my sessions challenging the information I felt somewhat uncomfortable....

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