August 19, 2018

Type 1 diabetes is a tricky condition to manage. Improving blood glucose levels can be difficult. It truly is a 24 hour condition that requires attention every single day. This makes it difficult for some patients to manage, particularly if their glucose levels aren't where they would like them to be.

Unlike other conditions, type 1 diabetes is mostly patient led. They are in charge of testing glucose levels, calculating insulin doses, identifying trends and ultimately making conditions about their condition. As healthcare professionals, we are there to help and advise but at the end of the day the patient will be the expert in their condition. Together we can go about improving blood glucose levels.

However, something I regularly see in my practice is type 1 diabetes patients struggling to get their glucose levels consistent. Many patients I see experience large variability and erratic glucose control whereby their levels swing from high to low on a regular basis. Alternatively, they ca...

August 12, 2018

MY problem with HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been the buzz in the fitness industry for a number of years now. The principle is simple. High intensity exercise pushes you out of your comfort zone for short periods of time.

In turn, your body releases stress hormones conducive to fat burn and improving overall fitness. Great for the time pressed individual who needs quick yet effective exercise. And I agree with all of this. It's a good training tool.

But here's my gripe with HIIT. Many professionals demonise other training methods like cardio saying it is ineffective. Moreover, they will compare athletes like cross fit athletes with endurance athletes like Mo Farrah and say which do you think is better for you.

The problem is, Mo Farrah isn't trying to build muscle. In fact, he's trying to do the opposite. Mo Farrah would whip almost anyone else on the planets butt in a flat out endurance event. An elite athlete. A cardiovascular system off the scale. So to suggest this...

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