July 29, 2018

Newly Diagnosed Type 2 diabetes?

Here's my latest blog in video format. If you have been newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes now is the time to act. Countless times I come across patients told nothing more than they have diabetes.  No further emphasis was placed on the changes they can make to manage the condition. In my opinion, we as healthcare professionals need to be having these conversions with people. Stressing the importance of lifestyle change rather than presenting it in an implied manner.

Yes, patients after diagnosis get a referral to community services for education. However, type 2 diabetes seems to be something that people just accept is their fate. It doesn't have to be this way. With making lifestyle adjustments you can make significant improvements in your condition and some can even push it into remission. We need to be stressing this to people. Like any good sales pitch, for someone to buy into what you are saying you have to make the point compelling.

You have the po...

September 16, 2017

When working with 1:1 dietary clients, as a rule, I send them out a questionnaire asking them if and how I have helped them and what I could do better. I've recently had some lovely feedback from clients who have thus far managed to lose a serious amount of weight amongst themselves and it inspired todays post. 

One common theme these clients have fed back is the way in which I help them change their thinking from short term dietary behaviour to longer term sustainable weight loss. 

For example, Jane (not her real name) explained how she had consistently struggled to find the ability to lose weight long term. Sure she had successes over the years but she would relapse once the weight loss was not as expected week to week. Downhearted, Jane lost the motivation and ultimately relapsed. 

Another prime example is Sue (not her real name). Sue was able to hit target weight a number of times through various methods but once achieved, complacency would set in. Over time and without realising...

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